Sights around Ribe

Ribe Cathedral

Ribe Cathedral The cathedral is dedicated to Our Lady, or Virgin Mary. Its construction began approx. 1150 and finished 100 years later for approx. 1250. It replaced an older stone church in the same place. Recently, just south of the cathedral, there were Christian graves dating back to the mid-800s, so Ansgar's church from after 860 was probably also here. The cathedral is the main church in Ribe Stift, which stretches from Tønder and almost to Holstebro.


The city's venue - Live music every Saturday - The city's leading pub - A fun and entertaining place where we all get to know each other .. :) No access under 18 years after kl. 22.00 No animals after kl. 20.00

Ribes Vikings Museum

At the Ribes Vikings Museum you can follow the history of Ribes from the Viking Age until 1700.

Black Sun

The phenomenon Black Sun is a fantastic experience when 100,000, maybe maybe 400,000 dances dance the ball over the sky over Ribe Marsken. The star's dance is determined by the number of birds of prey and the weather. The optimal conditions are a relatively quiet and dry evening, as well as an appropriate number of birds of prey that help create the beautiful formations in the sky. On a raining and rainy evening without birds of prey, the rays dive quite quickly and settle for the night in the pipe forest. In spring and autumn, large-scale flocks of thousands of thousands can be seen in the pipe forest in the area of ​​Ribe Vesterå and from the bird tower at Ribe Østerå. In Ribe Østerå you can experience a rich bird life throughout the year. 10 min. Once from the railway station stands a handicap-friendly bird tower, with a great view of the wetlands.